Santa Fe Mayan

At a thousand feet above the seven-thousand foot altitude of the Santa Fe Plaza, this home, nestled in a 65-acre mountain site, has 360 degree views of four mountain ranges.

Passage best describes the feel of the place. As you leave your car, you leave behind all that is mundane. Stepping through a twenty-foot high opening, you ascend flights of stairs, pass through a series of themed courtyards with water features, sculptures, gardens, and seating, each with it’s own spectacular view, to stand at a twelve-foot high trapezoidal door which pivots to allow entry into the home.

Our client envisioned an architecture which was both archetypal – referencing the ancient civilizations of Egypt, the Incans and Mayans – as well as ultra-contemporary, with soaring planes of glass and stone.

The house seems to be in motion with the land; the facets of the walls, the inter-penetration of spaces, lead one on to the views and the untamed landscape beyond.

This project was built by Adrian DeWindt. Richard Martinez was the design captain.

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