Cerro Raton, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Our client came to us with his goals, needs, and desires written in seven lines on a cocktail napkin. We enjoyed a delicious meal together and listened as he illuminated and elaborated.

The central idea was that the buildings would provide entertainment possibilities inside and out. Located near the Santa Fe Opera, our client, an opera director, expected to accommodate the Opera company as well as patrons and friends. Each of the many eating and lounging areas have differing scales, views, shade orientations, and accesses.

The site has thirty acres of pinon covered hills surrounded by arroyos. We built on the most disturbed portion of the site, which set the compound as a jewel in an undisturbed natural setting. From every vantage, the views are captivating.

The house is a blend of traditional and contemporary architecture, with antique doors and many hues of mud plaster inside, and large expanses of glass set in the exterior walls. Skylights, passive solar glazing, and adobe construction make this home comfortable year round. – Adrian