Cerro Chamiso

Flow is perhaps the word that best describes our Lila DeWindt-designed home. One moves from room to room with a feeling of continuity. Spaces are defined but there is no boxiness nor separations that shut us out or in. Instead, the interior matches the exterior, winding along the contours of the land. Light spreads through the house but so clever is the orientation that the summer sun never overheats the place, while the lower winter sun provides warmth that needs only slight supplementing from the radiant coils in the subfloor.

Whether through the large bowed window and the clerestory in the living room, the doors that open to portals, or the paned windows elsewhere, the layout makes one feel that the land and the house exist in quiet harmony. And the structural elements such as the varied ceiling treatments from cove to pine poles in a herringbone pattern speak of Southwest tradition but never shout it. In short, the house is at home in its setting, and we who live here feel the comfort and serenity it imparts to our lives. – DM

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